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Especially designed for Blow Molding and Laser Machine.

Superior durability

Basic Compressor BB-483
Maximum operating pressure MPa 3.5
Maximum Free air delivery L/min 2800


How to obtain maximum performance from an Air Compressor

The life and performance of an air compressor are greatly affected by the conditions in the location where it is installed.
For this reason, it is important to follow the guidelines listed below to ensure long and efficient operation.
(1)In locations where there is a large amont of dust, clogging of ther filter will lead to a reduction in air delivery,
   wear of the cylinder, and a shorter bearing life. Select a location where there is little dust, low humidity,
   and good ventilation.
   Also selecct a location not exposed to direct sunligh or rain,
   and where the ambient tempreature does not exceed 40≧.
   As the ambient temperature rises the discharge temperature will also rise, leading to an increase in oil consumption
   and shortening the life of the various compressor components.
(2)Install the compressor on a flat, stable surface. If the installation location is uneven, it will cause vibration.
   If necessary, use a wedge to adjust the compressor so that it is level.
(3)Allow sufficient space around the compressor to perform inspections and maintenance.
   There should be a clearance of at least 30 cm between the compressor and any walls around it.


(1)The Air delivery value indicated is the amount of air delivered at maximum pressure,
   expressed as an equivalent at intake air pressure (atmospheric pressure).
(2)The noise values indicated are measured at a distance of 1.5m from the front of ther compressor running
   under full load in an anechoic chamber.
(3)The allowed ambient temperature range for operation is 2≧ to 40≧.
(4)Do not use compressed air for devices with direct air intake for respiratory orgnas.


☆Specifications is based on IE3 motor.
☆GBH-7548-152; 1,070rpm.

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