100% Oil Free Water Lubricated Screw Air Compressor
100% Oil Free Water Lubricated Screw Air Compressor ELANG OIL-FREE WATER LUBRICATION AIR COMPRESSOR Kuantan, Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang, Melaka, Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Distributor, Supply, Supplies | Syarikat Lee Engineering Trading Sdn Bhd

Working pressure: 4.0~13bar    58~189psig

Air delivery: 0.7~56m3/min    25~1977cfm

Working power: 7.5~315kw       10~420hp


Oil free screw air compressor are widely used in industries that require high quality air sources such as: pharmaceutical, food, electronics, chemical, packaging, etc. 100% pure compressed air is a necessary procedure to guarantee satisfactory crafts and product quality, which ensures the production of high-end products safely and risk-free.

Oil-free water-lubricated air compressors are generally screw-type air compressors, mainly using water agent lubricants to perform lubrication. During the working process, the lubrication, sealing and cooling of the entire main machine are all done by water.


Intelligent control£º

ABB high sensitivity high reliability, low failure.

Motor and air end£º

Direct connect with high transmission efficiency .

Import monitor£º

Clear at a glance
The operation is simple ,thoughtful and powerful.


Copper material,high thermal effects,Ensure isothermal compression,it can work high-temperature conditions,the maximum temperature<45¡æ in summer The lowest temperature in winter is +10.

Centrifugal fan£º

Lightweight structure,but the structure strength is far greater than axial flow fan,good dynamic balance performance,it has low vibration,low noise,centrifugal fan aerodynamic performance is better than that of axial flow fan,low power consumption,high efficiency and reliable running life.Configuration on the screw air compressor is an excellent choice.


True Energy Saving:

Oil free water lubrication screw air compressor is a kind of compressor that provides clean, pollution-free, 100% oil free screw air compressor, its zero emission can protect the environment efficiently.


True Energy Saving ---- Lubrication, Sealing and Cooling:

Ideal isothermal compression : High efficiency (large air delivery)
Low temperature compression : No need the intercooler and after cooler
Low rotation speed : Low noise, low vibration and no need the overdrive gear
Low viscosity of lubrication water : Easy to be separated with the air


All stainless steel pipe:

Simple ,non-corrosive,non-polluting,high reliablity


Single Stage Compression ,High Efficiency ,and Energy Saving ,and Easy Maintenance:

Single stage compression makes the structure easy.
Compression efficiency is higher than the two stage dry air compressor.
Less consumable parts, easy to be disassembled, reduce the maintenance cost and time greatly.



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