Permanent Magnet Screw Compressor
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Low RPM Permanent Magnet VSD Screw Air Compressor

¡ó It using IE4 ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor, the efficiency is improved by 5 ~ 10%.
¡óCoaxial integrated transmission, no transmission loss, low vibration noise.
¡ó Fully sealed motor liquid cooling system, IP65 protection grade, never demagnetise.
¡óLow-speed rotor and big air-end, a massive displacement is more energy-saving and quieter.
¡ó Dual frequency conversion control system, constant pressure exhaust, no no-load, stable cooling system.

PM VSD Energy saving up to 50%

¡óThe VSD keeps pressure is stable, which effectively avoids the waste of energy in the process of loading and unloading, and effectively stabilises the loading pressure in the air supply pipeline. The pressure fluctuation stably controlled between 0.01Mpa;
¡óAs a result of stable pressure, the overall average pressure reduced, and the system load reduced, which significantly reduces energy consumption. With the decrease of the average working pressure, the leakage risk in the system pipeline reduced considerably;
¡óAfter the VSD machine started, the starting stage of the motor will not impact the electric grid, and the energy loss of the peak current of the traditional air compressor in the start-up phase eliminated;
¡óProvide 5~8kg pressure range to the user, VSD compressor can also be customised high pressure and unique design of the inverter and motor (high protective bearing), to ensure the safety and stability in VSD control.

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